What we do

We’ve set out to create a group of products that follow a simple design process, culminating in elegant pieces that compliment and enhance any custom build.

What’s our process?



Each product we create starts with a simple idea and a sketch. Moving from this we start to model the piece in 3d which enables us to visualise it’s form and potential issues.



Once modelled and refined we produce a 3d printed product test which we check for dimensions. We also test fit and user test these to ensure the design is fit for purpose.



After we have refined the design, based on testing and trial prototyping, we ready our files for tooling and manufacturing, then they go off for production and quality control.

Got a question for us ?

We’re more than happy to answer any questions you may have. If you’d like any more info about any of our products, or any of the processes we go through then just drop us a note.

Our bikes

CC 001 – BMW 1983 r65

Completed just under 4 years ago, this was the first bike built by us.

With hardly any knowledge of how a bike works, let alone how to rebuild one, we set out refurbishing and slightly modding a BMW r65. Keeping the changes to a minimum and using it more as a learning exercise, the end result is a lightweight and surprisingly comfy town cruiser.

CC 002 – BMW 1985 r80

Our second build was a little different, but still sticking with the BMW range. This time a BMW r80 was brought back to near original spec with some modern upgrades to help with daily running.

Solid state electrics and a reliable charging system were installed, along with a new custom loom,  powder coated frame and swing arm, vapour blasted pistons, barrels and carbs, plus a top end rebuild which helps it run perfectly even after 38 years.

Along with all new bearings, seals etc and the Aston Martin paint, we finished it off with a set of our 70mm BMW style badges.

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