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BMW airhead 5 speed gearbox rebuild tools


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BMW R Series – 5 speed gearbox

BMW gearbox shim plate

If you’re undertaking your own servicing work or refurbishing an airhead gearbox then you’ll need a shim plate. This fixes to the open face of the gearbox and allows for the final measurements for the shims on reinstallation.

The plate is a tight fit over the existing 6mm dowel pins in the gearbox housing and ensures alignment of the shafts and plate. This tool is used in place of the BMW tool 23 3 650.

BMW output flange spanner

When removing the output flange nut from the gearbox, you need a tool to hold the output flange from turning. This spanner allows for the attachment to the output flange and an extension bar to be used if needed. The nut can be difficult to undo due to it’s high torque.

BMW output flange puller plate

The output flange can be difficult to remove sometimes and this plate allows for you to attach it to the output flange using the existing bolts. A puller can then be used to try and remove the flange from the tapered end.

The output flanges vary in the force needed to remove them and sometimes only the original BMW type tool works in this case.

Included in each purchase:

  • 1 gearbox shim plate (8mm)
  • 1 output flange spanner
  • 1 output flange puller plate

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